Autumn and David Hackney

Buyer Assistance

Do I have to work with the listing agent? No! Any property listed in the Great Smoky Mountains MLS is open for any REALTOR® to sell, if they are a member of our board. You have the freedom of only working with someone you like and/or trust.

Who represents my interests as a buyer? If you choose to work with the listing agent, the listing agent can't be your representative. He/she must back down to a facilitator for both sides of the transaction and not represent either side. It is your decision on whom to work with!

If I hire Autumn and David as a buyer's agent, will it cost me more money? No! Commissions paid to the REALTORS® involved, for MLS listings, come from the agreement made by the listing agent and the seller. The listing agent then offers a split in the commission to the agents assisting the buyer. We do not have any additional fees. Work with someone you want!

David is an Accredited Buyer's Representative - ABR

Which agent should I work with? Choose an agent you feel is trustworthy, but mostly someone who specializes in the property you are looking for. The right agent will know the questions that need to be asked and know how to find the right property for you.

Work with one team and get results! Work with every listing agent out there and you'll only get confused. You most likely will get nowhere. We can assist you with any property listed with the Great Smoky Mountain Association of REALTORS ® or the Knoxville Area Association of REALTORS ®. Let us help you buy your piece of the Smokies.

Buyer FAQ

Why should you work with us? We are not real salespeople. We will not try to force certain properties at you or try to talk you into something you don't want. We know the area and the Smoky Mountain real estate market. We will find the property you want without applying any pressure. We locate the properties fitting your description and do what we can to give you the information needed to make a sound buying decision. If you really want a salesperson who will talk you into buying something, we are probably not your best choice. If a property is not a good match for you, but you like it for some reason, we will most likely try to talk you out of it. It is one of our flaws. We like to put our two cents in all the time. We only want to work with buyers who really want to work with us. We have made a great deal of friends since we started real estate. Don't be afraid to talk to us, we are real people.

Who Represents You In A Real Estate Transaction?
Please be aware that you are not actually represented by anyone upon first contact. The real estate salespeople or developer's employees you will meet and speak with on your search are not "your agent". You are simply a customer upon first contact. To be safe, you must enter into a written agreement to be represented.


You contact the listing broker of a property. Prior to making an offer, you share that you are pre-approved for more than the asking price. Since the seller is the listing broker's client, he/she is obligated to pass any facts obtained that could affect the transaction. Who do you think will benefit from this information?

What is the difference between a Customer and a Client?
We have placed a free MLS search on this website for your use in researching properties in the Great Smoky Mountain area. As a customer you are free to search this site and ask questions. Real estate salespeople cannot legally represent you until you become a client. Once a Buyer Agency Agreement is signed, the Agent is prohibited from disclosing any of the buyer's confidential information.

As your BUYER AGENT we strictly represent YOU, the BUYER. This legal distinction is important to understand because agents for the SELLER conduct the majority of today's real estate transactions. We represent you exclusively and our sole objective is to ensure that the best interests of YOU, the buyer, are protected. We serve as a loyal advocates and advisors whenever a client seeks to lease, exchange or purchase:
  • Investment Cabins, Log Homes, Chalets and Vacation Homes
  • Single-Family Homes or Condominiums
  • Multi-Family Apartment Buildings, Office Buildings, Hotels, Motels, Retail Stores, Industrial Facilities and Business Opportunities
  • Vacant Land

How will David and Autumn Hackney help you find the perfect property to meet your needs? As your Buyer Agent, we stand ready to assist you in your real estate needs, from start to finish. The moment you contact us, we do an in-depth interview to gain a complete understanding of your needs. We don't push you at properties. (This may be a new sales concept to you). You may have a limited amount of time you can spend looking for your new home or investment. Don't worry, we get to know our clients' likes and dislikes in properties so we won't waste your time showing properties that don't fit your specific needs. We do a thorough search of the Multiple Listing Service for all properties that fit your profile. We can give you an honest view of the real estate market and provide you with all material facts and figures that could influence your buying decision.

How will I be kept informed of the latest "Hot" properties? We search the MLS for you every day! As our client, you will receive weekly (sometimes daily) listing updates for all properties that fit your specific needs. There is no need to worry about "Hot" properties passing you by! We are the only source you need for properties here in Pigeon Forge, Sevierville and Gatlinburg Tennessee. As REALTORS®, member of both the Knoxville (David) and Great Smoky Mountain Boards (Both), we can represent you in any real estate transaction in either MLS. We know how to do all the legwork to make your relocation go as smoothly as possible, so you can concentrate on more important things. Enjoy your move here in the Great Smoky Mountains.

How much does it cost to become a buyer client?
Great News! Our Buyer Agency services are at no additional cost! There are no hidden charges. How is this possible? All fees are paid from the agreement previously negotiated between the seller and listing agent/broker. Our commission is based on how much the listing agent has offered in our Realtor MLS. All we ask is that you sign a Buyer's Agent representation form that allows us to represent you, the Buyer, in your real estate transaction. The agency form is only for this area of East Tennessee.

How would my interests be protected if I am interested in one of your listings? If you are interested in purchasing one of our listings, we will either back down to the role of a facilitator or have another agent in our office represent your interests. We want to be sure your best interests are taken into consideration and you are completely comfortable with the transaction.

How will you help me after the sale? You will also have the opportunity to have your cabin, condo or chalet featured on our web site as a rental property free of charge! The extra advertising might make you some extra cash after you purchase a property. Allow our family to help yours today!